This day our daily bread

It’s hard to know what day it is currently. Many of the routines that differentiated our Mondays from our Tuesdays, … More

Schooling and Testing

This morning one of our current educational hunches was confirmed: all practical GCSE and A level examinations have been cancelled. … More

Silver-Lining Blessing

This is a photograph of our family having dinner together one evening earlier this week. It was a happy occasion … More

“More than a badger”

‘Tis the season of the end-of-semester deadline, of the darker morning, and the even darker evening. For some of us … More

Coming to terms

Making my way through Oxford’s monumental streets, early on a crisp October day, as the sun is casting her good … More

July Joy

July is National Ice Cream Month (at least in the United States). For me, the arrival of July is the … More

The Time of Our Lives

We watched the televised pictures intently as invited guests made their way across those familiar damp cobblestones, moving out of the … More