Back to school: curriculum matters

The sun is shining in an almost cloudless blue sky here in Northern Ireland on the day when many children, young people, and teachers, are going back to school.

As it happens, I’ve been thinking a little about new beginnings in recent days, and I look forward to writing something more about that here very soon. For now though, a little cross posting of a piece I wrote earlier in the summer, as we anticipated, as a community here in Northern Ireland, this year’s “Back to School”.

I’d love to know your thoughts about the ideas explored in this earlier piece, now that the return to school itself has arrived. Would you agree that outdoor learning, the arts and humanities, and character education have never been so important? How was the first day back to school in your part of the world, for you, and the children and young people in your care?

You can read my Back to School blogpost here: Back to School Curriculum Matters

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